Simply following Jesus is what Christianity is all about, and it’s our goal to make that well-known.
When Christianity is used as a platform or a place for anything but the gospel, it falls apart. So we are committed to encouraging others with the pure gospel, and the simple nature of our calling to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.




A Disciple Track

Jesus called His followers to make disciples, not just converts. This is because discipleship is bigger than a mere class, or a simple test to pass, it is a lifelong process that is meant to be lived out together.

Our process is simple and it is laid out beginning with the skeptic to faith all the way to becoming a servant leader equipped to serve the local church. Reach out to someone today to go through the process, and begin your track.

About Me

Josh Young – blogger, pastor, husband, father, and above all a follower of Jesus.

Since the pandemic, I have grown increasingly burdened with returning to the complete simplicity of Christian faith and community. That’s why in June 2022 I launched Disciple Tracks.
If there is anything I can offer to help you learn from what God has shown me, I make it my goal to offer it freely so others will know Him more deeply.


None of the work here is intended for profit, and it takes time and resources to create content and continue to develop this site.

If you would be interested in contributing, simply do so by following the link below. Thank you for your support!

COMING SOON! Disciple Tracks will become the official website for Life Harbor Church.